Report from Seigokan Japan After the Earthquake

We have heard from Koichi Nakano Sensei, Seigokan Overseas Secretary General. He reports that he and his Seigokan colleagues are safe. He has not received bad news from Seigokan members elsewhere in Japan. According to Mr. Nakano, most Seigokan dojos are in the west and south of Japan. Hyogo, Shiga, Fukuoka, Kyoto, Gifu prefectures do not have damage. While we are relieved to hear this bit of good news, we offer all of the people of Japan our thoughts, prayers, and condolences. David Kalman, for Seigokan USA.

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  1. Good to hear all is well with our brother dojos and family.Hope Japan as a whole recovers quickly.

    Sincerely Frank Hinckley