Seigokan Curriculum

The core curriculum for Seigokan Goju-Ryu is standardized, but teaching methods and training schedules vary.

A student may join classes at any level of skill or physical proficiency. New students will be taught basics and will be encouraged to observe and follow the senior students. To prevent injuries and to build on a strong foundation of skills, more advanced training progresses as the student gains confidence, strength, flexibility, and stamina.

All classes begin with a brief meditation, warm-up, physical conditioning, and stretching.

Classes usually include: 1) Kihon (basics) such as basic stances, punches, kicks, and blocks; 2) Yakusoku kumite (set sparring combinations); 3) Kata or pre-defined sequences of movements; 4) Jiyu kumite, or free-sparring; 5) Shiai kumite, or point sparring.

For free sparring practice (Jiyu kumite), participants wear padded fist protectors, mouth guards, optional groin protectors for men, and chest protectors for women. All sparring is non-contact or "touch" or controlled contact.

For adults, a typical class is two hours. A recommended training schedule consists of class three times each week, plus home practice and cross-training activity at least twice each week.

The Typical Class
Seiza - sit and kneel toward the front of the class

Mokuso - close eyes, begin meditation in sitting position

Shomen ni rei - bow to the dojo or master's photo

Sensei ni rei - bow to the instructors

General warm-up and stretching in place, from feet to head

Kihon - Tachi kihon - stationary basic technique

Strengthening exercises - neck, abdomen, kake-te, suri-te, tsuki and uke

Renzoku Kihon Dosa (Moving kihon)

Yakusoku kumite - preset sparring/self-defense combinations

Katas - prearranged patterns of multiple techniques

Rangeki - stationary free-sparring, hands only (heiko-dachi and shiko-dachi)

Jiyu-kumite (free sparring)

Ending "Cool Down" - more stretching and breathing

Seiza - sit and kneel toward the front of the class, control breathing

Mokuso - close eyes, begin meditation

Shomen ni rei - bow to the front of the dojo (to the master symbolically)

Sensei ni rei - bow to the instructors

Otogai ni rei - students bow to each other

Yagoe - students hold belt and kiai, "eh - oh - oh"!!!

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