Grading and Tournament 12-20-2008

On Saturday, 12/20/2008, Seigokan SF Bay Area gathered at the El Camino YMCA in Mountain View, California for kyu grading and an intra-school tournament. The event got underway at around 1:30 p.m., starting with kyu grading, which started with a group warm-up, followed by kata, yakusoku kumite and jiyu kumite performances. After a short break, participants returned to begin the competition in kata and point sparring. The day ended with the awarding of medals. Parents and other spectators were treated to excellent performances all around.

Thanks to all the participants for your effort, and thanks to your families who support your involvement in Seigokan.

Special thanks to Angela Swanson for figuring out and managing the details of the tournament, including the scoring system. She spent considerable time and effort planning the event. She also produced the scorecards and judges' placards, which worked out great!

Thanks to Shaun and Cathy Greely, who secured the event space (and thanks to the El Camino YMCA for hosting us).

Thanks to Sensei Fausto Carlos, Claudia Chan, and Dzung Dang for their support in running and promoting the event.

And thanks to Sensei Marcos Collaco, who brought us all together.

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